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With: Anna Magnani, Odoardo Spadaro, Nada Fiorelli, Dante, Duncan Lamont, George Higgins, Ralph Truman, Gisella Mathews, Raf De La Torre, Elena Altieri, Paul Campbell, Riccardo Rioli, William Tubbs, Jean Debucourt
Written by: Jean Renoir, Jack Kirkland, Renzo Avanzo, Giulio Macchi, Ginette Doynel, inspired by Le Carrosse du Saint-Sacrement by Prosper MŽrimŽe
Directed by: Jean Renoir
MPAA Rating: NR
Language: English
Running Time: 103
Date: 03/12/1952

The Golden Coach (1952)

3 1/2 Stars (out of 4)

Anna Split

By Jeffrey M. Anderson

Critics of the time considered Renoir's color films inferior to his black-and-whites, but that is not necessarily the case, as the full-color, English-language The Golden Coach is one of his greatest achievements. Though the film is a weird mix of light humor and weighty seriousness, it's the centerpiece performance by Anna Magnani that makes all the difference. She's a true force of nature, fighting off three different suitors from three walks of life while trying to make ends meet with her traveling theater show.

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