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With: Alice Lowe, Tom Davis, Kate Dickie, Gemma Whelan, Kayvan Novak, Jo Hartley, Dan Renton Skinner, Eileen Davies, Mike Wozniak, Sara Dee, Tom Meeten, Leila Hoffman, Marc Bessant
Written by: Alice Lowe
Directed by: Alice Lowe
MPAA Rating: NR
Running Time: 88
Date: 05/19/2017

Prevenge (2017)

3 Stars (out of 4)

Baby Slitting

By Jeffrey M. Anderson

Filmed partly in Wales, this Shudder exclusive is enjoying a 2017 theatrical release, but subscribers can see it from the comfort of their couches. Not that this is a comforting movie, although it is frequently quite funny, in an extremely dark way. Actress Alice Lowe apparently conceived (no pun intended) the idea when she was pregnant, and ended up writing, directing, and starring in the final result, Prevenge. She plays Ruth, a very pregnant woman whose partner died in a mountain climbing accident; Lowe visually equates the red climbing ropes with blood-filled veins and umbilical cords, connections to life. Now, distraught, she visits a midwife that says her baby is in charge. So Ruth begins listening to her baby's sinister, high-pitched voice, as it urges her to kill.

She seems to be targeting the climbers that let her baby's daddy fall, but she also seems to kill randomly; her targets include a large, balding DJ (Tom Davis) in a small dive bar and a career woman (Kate Dickie) who agrees to meet Ruth for a job interview. She even keeps a "baby book" of her murders. One man seems nice and Ruth decides not to kill him, but the baby speaks up and the choice is made. Lowe gives this a lot of grit and style, especially the climax set on Halloween night; it feels deliberately murky and smudgy, as if it were meant to be a "video nasty" or a grindhouse feature. It opens May 19, 2017 at the Roxie Cinema.

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