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With: Chris Rock, Kerry Washington, Gina Torres, Steve Buscemi, Edward Herrmann, Welker White, Samantha Ivers, Michael K. Williams, Cassandra Freeman, Stephen A. Smith, Wendell Pierce, Milan Howard, Roz Ryan, Christina Vidal, Eliza Coupe, Andre B. Blake
Written by: Chris Rock, Louis C.K., based on a screenplay by Eric Rohmer
Directed by: Chris Rock
MPAA Rating: R for pervasive language and some sexual content
Running Time: 90
Date: 03/07/2007

I Think I Love My Wife (2007)

3 Stars (out of 4)

'Chloe' Biz

By Jeffrey M. Anderson

Chris Rock meets Eric Rohmer in this ambitious, surprisingly mature remake of Rohmer's Chloe in the Afternoon (1972). Aside from directing and co-writing his sophomore effort (after Head of State), Rock plays a married investment banker and father of two who runs into an old acquaintance, the sexy Nikki Tru (Kerry Washington), and begins a clandestine, but non-physical relationship with her. Rock narrates the tale, articulating the complex battle between thought and emotion, and his canny music selections help. Unfortunately, Rock's limited dramatic acting chops occasionally require him to slip into zaniness (one scene involves an adverse reaction to a Viagra tablet), upsetting the movie's balance. But the film's crafty editing and subtle discourse on race indicate that Rock may be a filmmaker to watch. I Think I Love My Wife{subid}&url=hitlist.asp?searchfield=marvel
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