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With: Judith Ivey, Bill Raymond, Emily Grace, Jane Lincoln Taylor, Justin Parkinson, Tim Hayes, Lucas Papaelias, Katheryn Winnick, Tom Tumminello, John Knox, David Rose, Rita Fredricks, Clint Jordan, Matthew Vose Campbell, Michael C. Maronna
Written by: A. Dean Bell
Directed by: A. Dean Bell
MPAA Rating: R for strong sexuality, nudity and language
Running Time: 96
Date: 01/26/2003

What Alice Found (2003)

2 1/2 Stars (out of 4)

Pressure Hooker

By Jeffrey M. Anderson

To escape her dreadful life, boring job and depressed mother, 18 year-old Alice (Emily Grace) hits the road. It's not long before her car breaks down, her cash disappears and a couple of strange good Samaritans help her out. Sandra (Judith Ivey) and Bill (Bill Raymond) drive their huge RV back and forth across the country, apparently on some kind of permanent vacation. Soon, however, Alice discovers that Sandra is a prostitute. Alice's lack of money and prospects and Sandra's good nature eventually convinces her to try it herself. Written and directed by A. Dean Bell, this digitally-shot feature never seems aware of its subjects. The characters generally lack common sense and tend to grate on our nerves, and Bell never shows that he realizes that. Because he's down in the trenches with them, sharing their experiences and identifying with them, we tend to distrust the film's overall voice. It's not until the final minutes that the characters deepen and become more human, more understandable. But by that time, many viewers will have run out of patience.

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