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With: Eugene Levy, Catherine O'Hara, Dan Levy, Annie Murphy, Chris Elliott, Jenn Robertson, Emily Hampshire, Tim Rozon, Sarah Levy, John Hemphill, Karen Robinson, Dustin Milligan, Noah Reid
Written by: Dan Levy, Eugene Levy, Chris Pozzebon, David West Read, Amanda Walsh, etc.
Directed by: Jerry Ciccoritti, Paul Fox, Jordan Canning, Dan Levy, etc.
MPAA Rating: NR
Running Time: 1722
Date: 11/10/2020

Schitt's Creek: The Complete Collection (2020)

3 1/2 Stars (out of 4)


By Jeffrey M. Anderson

This half-hour comedy has been a godsend for many during the COVID-19 era. Blessed with an amazing cast and great performances, it's howlingly funny and warmly touching. The first several episodes of Season One start off a little rough, with fairly typical, broad fish-out-of-water jokes as the Rose family loses their massive fortune and must move to the small town of Schitt's Creek, the only thing left that they legally own; husband Johnny (Eugene Levy) bought it for his wife Moira (Catherine O'Hara) as a joke. Chris Elliott plays the mayor, "Roland Schitt" (just say it out loud), and you'd be forgiven if you thought the show was going to be all lowbrow humor and scatological jokes. But eventually things settle down and grown son David (Dan Levy, the show's creator) and daughter Alexis (Annie Murphy) begin to make friends and fall in love, David helps snarky clerk Stevie (Emily Hampshire) run the hotel, and former soap star Moira finds her acting career revived. The show occasionally sets foot outside of strict reality, as when Alexis recounts various "adventures" she's apparently had all over the world. And what other show would feature both a production of Cabaret and a horror movie called The Crows Have Eyes III: The Crowening? But, as with any great show, it's the strong, lovable characters (some of them LGBTQ+) that make everything work. In 2020, the show swept the comedy categories at the Emmys.

Lionsgate released the entire series in a big box set, with six seasons and 80 episodes on 15 DVDs. Each season comes with a featurette, deleted scenes, and bloopers, and Season Six includes a special "Farewell" documentary, sure to require tissues.

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