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With: (voices) William Shatner, Lisa Lennox, Cory Doran, Nathan Stephenson
Written by: Steven E. de Souza
Directed by: Jin Choi, Peter Lepenotis, Jamie Waese
MPAA Rating: Not Rated
Running Time: 66
Date: 12/08/2008

Gotta Catch Santa Claus (2009)

2 1/2 Stars (out of 4)

Ho Ho Hum

By Jeffrey M. Anderson

The idea of William Shatner playing Santa Claus is almost irresistible, but unfortunately, the actual result -- the new animated DVD Gotta Catch Santa Claus -- is all too easy to resist. It begins with a disclaimer from its young hero, Trevor, telling us that this is no ordinary Christmas special. That may be, but it's very typical in most other ways. It's bad enough that Trevor becomes obsessed with catching Santa -- all to impress a girl, the skeptical Veronica -- but also there's a giant ice monster living on an asteroid that wants to catch Santa. So of course, we get lots of snow rays, and lasers and high-tech gizmos and characters that are very impressed by all this. What is lacking, of course, is the humanity, and not even Shatner himself can project any kind of warmth into Santa Claus, who is seen here as a donut hoarding glutton. The movie is fast paced and fairly clean (devoid of the usual fart jokes and pop culture references), and some songs are innocuous, but it's also unfunny and a little dull. The DVD from Lionsgate comes with some "deleted scenes" and some disappointing Shatner "outtakes."

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