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With: Bruce Campbell, Christopher Howe, Perry Mallette, Susan Waderlow Yamasaki, Vern Teachworth
Written by: Ron Teachworth
Directed by: Ron Teachworth
MPAA Rating: Unrated
Running Time: 79
Date: 03/18/2013

Going Back (1983)

3 Stars (out of 4)

Footloose Bruce

By Jeffrey M. Anderson

Cult actor Bruce Campbell made this tender coming-of-age movie in-between the first two Evil Dead movies, and it may have been his last attempt at mainstream acceptance. Ron Teachworth's film begins in the 1960s as two young men take a summer road trip before their lives as grownups begin. They wind up on a farm where Brice (Campbell) falls for a girl and Cleveland (Christopher Howe) meets a much-needed father figure. Some time later, the friends attempt to relive their adventure, but find a very different reality waiting for them. Teachworth's tone is overly sentimental, but its unsophisticated manner sometimes works in the film's favor, and it contains some lovely shots for such a low-budget wonder. Going Back also depends heavily on the 1980s trend for 1960s nostalgia (re: The Big Chill), which is difficult to swallow today. Teachworth apparently sold the film to the distributor Vestron, which promptly went out of business; the film spent 20 years in oblivion, until the rights recently reverted back to Teachworth, making this DVD possible.

DVD Details: The real reason for checking out the DVD is to watch Campbell's hilarious and touching commentary track, recorded with Teachworth and cinematographer John Prusak. Campbell at times ridicules the film and his own performance but also praises Teachworth for his professionalism and claims that this is the best time he ever had making a movie. Other extras include interviews, a photo gallery and a trailer.

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