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The Daily Show with Jon Stewart: Indecision 2004 (2005)

3 1/2 Stars (out of 4)

Donkey vs. Elephant

By Jeffrey M. Anderson

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What's the point in watching old election coverage again? Experiencing Jon Stewart and his brilliant, acerbic, hilarious crew at the top of their game is one very good reason. And if you were a John Kerry fan, it helps ease the pain of defeat, if only a little. If you were a George W. Bush fan and want to see the Democrats bashed yet again, this might also be a good tonic. The problem is that, unless you were stuck dead in the middle, re-watching this stuff can be equally cleansing and frustrating. In any case, Indecision 2004 comes to the ultimate conclusion that everyone in politics can use a good skewering.

DVD Details: Paramount and Comedy Central have packaged the 2004 election season into a handy three-disc box set. Disc One covers the entire Democratic Convention in Boston (July 27-30), and Disc Two takes on the Republican Convention in New York (Aug. 30-Sept. 3). Disc Three contains a mishmash of extras, including debates ("use your pause button to examine the president's jacket bulge!"), interviews, vignettes and commentary on election night itself.

Starring: Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Rob Corddry, Samantha Bee, Ed Helms
Created by: Andy Barsh, Chuck O'Neil, Scott Preston, Christian Santiago
MPAA Rating: NR
Running Time: 299 minutes
Date: July 13, 2005

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