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With: John Carradine, Tor Johnson, Allison Hayes, Myron Healy, Sally Todd, Marilyn Buferd
Written by: Geoffrey Dennis, Jane Mann
Directed by: Brooke L. Peters
MPAA Rating: Unrated
Running Time: 70
Date: 06/28/1957

The Unearthly (1957)

3 Stars (out of 4)

Gland Illusion

By Jeffrey M. Anderson

One of the great cheesy movies from the era of drive-ins and "B" flicks. John Carradine stars as a mad scientist who recruits sick people for secret experiments -- he's invented a new gland -- which invariably turns them into freaks and zombies. Tor Johnson, best known for his roles in Ed Wood's films, plays Lobo the lumbering lab assistant, and sexy Allison Hayes (Attack of the 50 Foot Woman) stars as the doctor's latest find. Don't miss the creepy final two minutes! Some say that Ed Wood himself actually worked on the film, without credit. The disc comes letterboxed and in a lovely black-and-white transfer with just a few scratches and flaws, plus a still gallery.

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