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With: Harriet Andersson, Gunnar Bjornstrand, Lars Passgard, Max Von Sydow
Written by: Ingmar Bergman
Directed by: Ingmar Bergman
MPAA Rating: Unrated
Language: Swedish with English subtitles
Running Time: 89
Date: 16/10/1961

Through a Glass Darkly (1961)

3 Stars (out of 4)

A Touch of 'Glass'

By Jeffrey M. Anderson

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In Through a Glass Darkly, schizophrenic Karin (Harriet Andersson) vacations on a remote island with her father (Gunnar Bjornstrand), her husband (Max Von Sydow) and her little brother (Lars Passgard). She learns that her father has been using her illness to write his books, and everyone broods a lot. Bergman's wintry film has beautiful moments and Andersson gives a great performance, but the film can't shake the weight of the disease-of-the-week movie feel.

DVD Details: For this Ingmar Bergman box set, the Criterion Collection has gorgeously restored this and two other black-and-white films (The Silence and Winter Light) in their full-screen aspect ratios. The set includes a fourth disc: a made-for-television documentary following the making of Winter Light. Critic/biographer Peter Cowie also provides plenty of information and insight into the trilogy.

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