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With: Bill Murray, Geena Davis, Randy Quaid, Jason Robards
Written by: Howard Franklin, based on the book by Jay Cronley
Directed by: Howard Franklin, Bill Murray
MPAA Rating: R
Running Time: 88
Date: 07/13/1990

Quick Change (1990)

3 1/2 Stars (out of 4)

Bank Shot

By Jeffrey M. Anderson

Unable to find an interested director, star Bill Murray and screenwriter Howard Franklin teamed up and co-directed this inventively sinister, endlessly hilarious dark comedy about a trio of bank robbers who cook up the perfect getaway plan, and then find that New York City itself has conspired to keep them from leaving. Murray is perfectly cast as the exasperated mastermind, and he shows the first glimmer of actorly genius that would turn up later in Groundhog Day, Lost in Translation and other films. Geena Davis plays his constant companion and Randy Quaid the slightly dim sidekick. Best of all, double Oscar-winner Jason Robards plays the humane but relentless detective hot on their trail. Warner Home Video's 2006 DVD release comes with the theatrical trailer.

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