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With: Simone Simon, John Emery, Kurt Kreuger, Alan Napier, Helen Freeman, Jason Robards, Sr., Norma Varden, Romaine Callender, Fay Helm, Edmund Glover, Charles Waldron
Written by: Josef Mischel, Peter Ruric, based on stories by Guy de Maupassant
Directed by: Robert Wise
MPAA Rating: Unrated
Running Time: 69
Date: 01/01/1944

Mademoiselle Fifi (1944)

3 Stars (out of 4)

Another Stagecoach

By Jeffrey M. Anderson

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A rare non-horror film for producer Val Lewton, the oft-forgotten Mademoiselle Fifi moves with the same intelligent, elegant style and economy as his other films. Based on two Guy de Maupassant stories ("Boule de Suif" and "Mademoiselle Fifi"), the film stars Simone Simon as a French laundress who makes a stand against Prussian oppressors, circa 1870s. Robert Wise directed, his second of three films for Lewton.

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