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With: Corinne Griffith, Louise Dresser, Lowell Sherman, Maude George, Charles Ray, Edward Martindel, Freeman Wood, Hank Mann
Written by: Avery Hopwood, Hans Kraly, George Marion Jr., based on a play by Rudolf Bernnauer, Rudolph Oesterreicher
Directed by: Lewis Milestone
MPAA Rating: Unrated
Running Time: 78
Date: 02/04/1928

The Garden of Eden (1928)

3 1/2 Stars (out of 4)

Getting 'Eden'

By Jeffrey M. Anderson

The recently-founded Flicker Alley presents their first DVD release with The Garden of Eden, a charming but obscure silent comedy directed by Lewis Milestone (All Quiet on the Western Front, Ocean's Eleven) and starring Corinne Griffith, a once-popular and now nearly-forgotten star of silent cinema.

She plays a would-be opera singer who winds up working in a burlesque house. But she gets a break when she goes on vacation with the company's costume designer, who turns out to be a baroness. And, of course, she falls in love with a cad who turns out to be a swell guy after all.

The Garden of Eden DVD looks amazingly good considering that it was transferred from a 16mm print. The disc includes reproductions of the original press book, as well as two wonderful silent shorts, the Christmas-y The Toy Shop and a funny trifling "documentary" looking at some of Hollywood's crazy architecture.

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