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With: Harrison Ford, Betty Buckley, Emmanuelle Seigner, Gérard Klein, Dominique Pinon, Yves Rénier, John Mahoney, Jimmie Ray Weeks, Thomas M. Pollard, Böll Boyer, David Huddleston, Alexandra Stewart, Yorgo Voyagis
Written by: Roman Polanski, Gérard Brach
Directed by: Roman Polanski
MPAA Rating: R
Running Time: 120
Date: 02/16/1988

Frantic (1988)

3 Stars (out of 4)

Liberty Balance

By Jeffrey M. Anderson

Roman Polanski's first film after his colossal flop Pirates, Frantic feels less like a Roman Polanski movie than one in which Polanski might have been supervising while someone else directed. It's polished, and it does contain a few solid, striking moments of cinematic invention, but for the most part it goes through the motions. Nonetheless, it's great to see Harrison Ford at the prime of his powers, and there's a rich score by Ennio Morricone. This is also the first time Polanski worked with his future muse, Emmanuelle Seigner. Ford plays Dr. Richard Walker, whose wife (Betty Buckley) disappears from their hotel room shortly after they arrive in Paris. Unable to find help, he begins searching for her himself, discovering that her bag was switched at the airport with a young woman's: Seigner's "Michelle." He enlists her reluctant help to run around Paris and find out whatever criminals are behind it all. John Mahoney appears as an ineffective official at the U.S. Embassy.

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