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With: Hedy Lamarr (a.k.a. Hedy Kiesler), Aribert Mog, Leopold Kramer
Written by: Frantisek Horky, Jacques A. Koerpel, Gustav Machaty, Vitezslav Nezval
Directed by: Gustav Machaty
MPAA Rating: Unrated
Running Time: 89
Date: 01/20/1933

Ecstasy (1933)

3 Stars (out of 4)

In a Nude Mood

By Jeffrey M. Anderson

Ecstasy was directed by Gustav Machaty in 1932 but wasn't released in the U.S. until 1940. It starred a young Hedy Lamarr (called Hedy Kiesler at the time) as a young woman who gets married and realizes on her wedding night that her husband is too orderly to indulge in messy sex. She runs away, meets a younger man and discovers passion for the first time. But of course her past catches up to her. Hedy has a pretty good nude scene, swimming in a lake and then chasing her runaway horse. It caused a huge stir at the time, and none other than Henry Miller wrote a rave review of the film. It's a little dull today but it's still interesting from a historical perspective, and the movie looks great on Image Entertainment's restored DVD ($24.99).

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