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With: (voices) Joaquin Phoenix, Jeremy Suarez, Jason Raize, Rick Moranis, Dave Thomas, D.B. Sweeney, Joan Copeland, Michael Clarke Duncan
Written by: Steve Bencich, Lorne Cameron, Ron J. Friedman, David Hoselton, Broose Johnson, Tab Murphy, Jeffrey Stepakoff
Directed by: Aaron Blaise, Robert Walker
MPAA Rating: G
Running Time: 85
Date: 10/20/2003

Brother Bear (2003)

2 1/2 Stars (out of 4)


By Jeffrey M. Anderson

This oddly uninvolving film from Disney does not break any newground in animation, and doesn't seem to have much of a point. Worse, acollection of terrible songs by Phil Collins continuously halts themovie in its tracks. A Native American hunter (voiced by JoaquinPhoenix) kills the bear that caused his older brother's death, and findshimself transformed into a bear to learn a lesson about love. Hebefriends a lost younger bear (voiced by Jeremy Suarez), who talks alot. The picture feels more like the results of a board meeting than anyactual urge to tell a story. Only Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas bring themovie to life. Playing their old Bob and Doug McKenzie characters as apair of moose, they even make one very funny and very subtle referenceto their old favorite, beer. Young children should enjoy Brother Bear,but I can't imagine it sticking in the memory very long.

DVD Details: It probably takes longer to watch all the extras on Disney's two-disc special edition than the actual film is worth thinking about. Fortunately, it does come with a hilarious "Rutt and Tuke" (a.k.a. Bob & Doug McKenzie, a.k.a. Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas) commentary track. In addition, the set contains outtakes, deleted scenes, games, a new (ugh) Phil Collins song, a video, a making-of featurette and other stuff. The film itself is available in widescreen (1 to 2.35) and in standard (1 to 1.66)

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