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With: Robert Downey Jr., Natasha Gregson Wagner, Heather Graham, Frederique Van Der Wal, Angel David
Written by: James Toback
Directed by: James Toback
MPAA Rating: R for a strong sex scene, strong language and sexual dialogue, and for a violent image
Language: English
Running Time: 84
Date: 24/04/1998

Two Girls and a Guy (1998)

3 1/2 Stars (out of 4)

Loft in the Head

By Jeffrey M. Anderson

Maverick filmmaker James Toback wrote Two Girls and a Guy for Downey (with whom he had worked once before, in The Pick-up Artist), and I can't think of a more astonishing one-man whirlwind showcase on film. He plays an actor/musician named Blake, who arrives home to his spacious New York loft to find both his girlfriends (Heather Graham and Natasha Gregson Wagner) waiting for him. The catch is that neither girl knew about the other. So for 90 minutes, Blake attempts to talk, sing, joke, and charm his way out of trouble. It's a virtuoso work if there ever was one, but the reviews were mixed and the film faded away too quickly. Months later, Roberto Benigni won the Best Actor Oscar.

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