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With: Catherine McCormack, Rachel Weisz, Anna Friel, Steve MacKintosh, Tom Georgeson, Maureen O'Brien, Paul Bettany
Written by: David Leland, Keith Dewhurst, based on a novel by Angela Huth
Directed by: David Leland
MPAA Rating: R for some sexuality
Running Time: 115
Date: 01/20/1998

The Land Girls (1998)

3 Stars (out of 4)

Home Fires

By Jeffrey M. Anderson

Featured at the 1998 San Francisco International Film Festival, The Land Girls is a very charming, if slightly conventional, story of World War II England. The Women's Land Army was formed in order to take over the men's jobs after they had gone off to fight. Three girls, Stella (Catherine McCormack), Ag (Rachel Weisz), and Prue (Anna Friel) arrive on a farm to begin working. The farmer's son, Joe, dreams of going off to war, but has inherited a heart murmur and can't. The movie is made up of lots of little episodes, like misty memories of a distant time. The girls fall in love and fall out of love. But war is hell, and things don't turn out the way one hopes. I enjoyed The Land Girls. Even if I recognized some of its formula, I at least learned something I didn't know before. The movie is written and directed by David Leland, who wrote the excellent Mona Lisa (1986) and wrote and directed Wish You Were Here (1987).

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