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With: (voices) Miranda Richardson, Martin Vidnovic, Christiane Noll, Ian Richardson, Darrell Hammond, Allen D. Hong, David Burnham, Armi Arabe, Tracy Venner Warren, Adam Wylie, Sean Smith, Kenny Baker
Written by: Arthur Rankin Jr., Peter Bakalian, Jacqueline Feather, David Seidler, Brian Nissen
Directed by: Richard Rich
MPAA Rating: G
Running Time: 87
Date: 03/19/1999

The King and I (1999)

1 Star (out of 4)

The 'King' Is Dead

By Jeffrey M. Anderson

What's that rolling sound? It's Rogers and Hammerstein in their graves!There's nothing to recommend about this pathetic animated remake of the 1956musical, featuring the original songs. The animation is flat, jerky, andlifeless. The editing is useless (you can't focus on anything). The supportingcharacters are insulting. The singing is saccharine and dull. And the soundeffects are dubbed louder than the singing. Miranda Richardson (The CryingGame) as Anna's speaking voice is forgettable. Only Martin Vidnovic as the Kinghas any life to him. The kids at the screening I attended seemed to like it, butadults should bring a book.

The idea apparently came from the seventy-something Arthur Rankin, of Rankin-Bass, creators of all those classic 1960s-era stop-motion TV specials.

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