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With: (voices) Charis Michelsen, Tom Larson, Richard Spore, Chris Cooke, Ruth Ray, J.B. Adams, John Russo Jr., Jennifer Senko, John Holderried, Etta Valeska, Bill Martone
Written by: Bill Plympton, P.C. Vey
Directed by: Bill Plympton
MPAA Rating: Not Rated
Running Time: 74
Date: 09/08/1997

I Married a Strange Person (1998)

4 Stars (out of 4)

Dreaded Bliss

By Jeffrey M. Anderson

Bill Plympton is that one man animated movie factory who created the incredible short films Your Face, How to Kiss, 25 Ways to Quit Smoking, and the wonderful feature film The Tune. Even if you've seen some of these films at Spike and Mike's Sick and Twisted Festival, you're probably not going to be prepared for I Married a Strange Person. It makes The Rocky Horror Picture Show look like Benji. In Strange Person, Grant, who is newly married to Carrie, develops a node on the back of his neck that allows him to bring his imagination to life. This frees Plympton himself to create all kinds of imaginative stuff, mostly sex and violence-related. Plympton really is unhinged, and his work is the stuff of Dali, but always hilarious. This is a great movie, but -- make no mistake -- it's not Disney. This is an NC-17 movie for sure. I Married a Strange Person played as a midnight movie at the Sundance Film Festival and the 1998 Dockers Classically Independent Festival in SF.

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