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With: Kate Winslet, Saïd Taghmaoui, Bella Riza, Carrie Mullan, Pierre Clémenti, Abigail Cruttenden, Ahmed Boulane, Sira Stampe, Amidou, Michelle Fairley, Kevin McKidd
Written by: Billy MacKinnon, based on a novel by Esther Freud
Directed by: Gillies MacKinnon
MPAA Rating: R for some sexuality and language
Running Time: 98
Date: 10/02/1998

Hideous Kinky (1999)

2 Stars (out of 4)

Boomer Bloomer

By Jeffrey M. Anderson

Kate Winslet decided to do this strange little movie with a great title after her world-wide success in Titanic. She plays a mother of two in the 1970's who goes off to Morocco to find her inner self -- or something to that effect. The scenes are disjointed which only works sometimes, particularly when the two little girls are onscreen. Ultimately, we realize that Winslet's character is just an airhead -- which would be fine if not for the two little girls who are constantly in danger. The movie is gorgeously photographed and gets a real sense of space. It seems to please the Baby Boomer generation, but it didn't please me.

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