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With: Kurt Russell, A.J. Langer, Steve Buscemi, George Corraface, Stacy Keach, Michelle Forbes, Pam Grier, Jeff Imada, Cliff Robertson, Valeria Golino, Peter Fonda, Ina Romeo, Peter Jason, Jordan Baker, Caroleen Feeney, Paul Bartel, Tom McNulty, Bruce Campbell, Breckin Meyer, Robert Carradine, Shelly Desai, Leland Orser, Kathleen Blanchard, William Luduena, Gabriel Castillo, William Peña, David Perrone
Written by: John Carpenter, Debra Hill, Kurt Russell
Directed by: John Carpenter
MPAA Rating: R for violence and some language
Running Time: 101
Date: 08/09/1996

Escape from L.A. (1996)

3 Stars (out of 4)

Snake Spin

By Jeffrey M. Anderson

In a summer filled with giant duds like Independence Day or The Rock or Chain Reaction, this is the best testosterone action flick of the season. The difference? John Carpenter's Escape from L.A. is the only one that doesn't take itself too seriously.

Among the movie's ridiculous, delightful highlights we get: Kurt Russell as Snake Plissken surfing on a tsunami with Peter Fonda, a basketball game to the death, a computer generated shark, Pam Grier (Foxy Brown) hang-gliding and dropping bombs on the bad guys, Bruce Campbell (Evil Dead 2) as a demented plastic surgeon and Steve Buscemi weaseling around and getting paid so he can make five more independent films for scale.

The plot? It's basically Escape from New York all over again, except it takes place in L.A. Is it as good as Escape from New York? No, but it's better than the alternative.

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