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With: Nichole Bloom, Victoria Pratt, Colton Dunn, Alexandria DeBerry, Gavin Free, Michael Jones, Burnie Burns, Gregory Kelly, Gary Teague, Cotie Domm, Gus Sorola, Stan Taylor, Kirk C. Johnson, Patrick Lescarbeau, Jeffery Gray
Written by: Burnie Burns, Daniel Fabelo, Matt Hullum
Directed by: Daniel Fabelo, Matt Hullum
MPAA Rating: NR
Running Time: 86
Date: 11/22/2017

Lazer Team 2 (2017)

2 1/2 Stars (out of 4)

Having a Blast

By Jeffrey M. Anderson

Though it won't convert any new fans, this silly, breezy sequel manages to capture the same blend of lowbrow humor, affectionate characters, and love for cheesy sci-fi movies that the first Lazer Team had.

In Lazer Team 2, our quartet of misfit heroes have now gone their separate ways after saving the planet, but they have not been able to remove their alien fighting gear and have fallen on hard times. But when Woody (Gavin Free) and his pretty assistant Maggie (Nichole Bloom) open a rift in space, and Woody disappears through it, she calls on the remaining team members to help.

At first, Herman (Colton Dunn), who wears speed boots, Zach (Michael Jones), with his laser gauntlet, and Hagan (Burnie Burns), with a laser shield, see a chance to return to their normal lives, until they discover that their victory in Lazer Team (2016) only endangered the rest of the galaxy. Worse, a nasty military commander, Kilborne (Victoria Pratt), follows them into the rift and has other plans. Can the Lazer Team become heroes again?

Coming from the Rooster Teeth team and available on the subscription channel YouTube Red, Lazer Team 2 maintains what would be a PG-13 rating, wallowing in juvenile humor but without going over the top into vulgarity. The characters mainly make fun of each other's thickheadedness, as well as making fun of themselves. (It does, however, contain a funny parody of Trump's border wall.)

Under all the goofiness lies a genuine affection and a love of teamwork. The production is once again clean with imaginative, and inexpensive sets, costumes and props; it even gets around showing a space battle by diverting attention to a video game on a computer screen.

It's too bad that the very funny Bloom couldn't have more to do that just be a sidekick and a love interest, or that the female villain couldn't have been more interesting. But once again, the sequel is not brilliant or memorable, but it is mildly funny and pleasantly diverting.

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