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With: (voices) Nathan Fillion, Jason Isaacs, Elisabeth Moss, Kelly Hu, Arnold Vosloo, Steve Blum, Henry Rollins, Roddy Piper, Bruce Thomas, Wade Williams, David Kaufman, Sunil Malhotra
Written by: Eddie Berganza, Alan Burnett, Todd Casey, Dave Gibbons, Michael Green, Marc Guggenheim, Geoff Johns, Peter Tomasi
Directed by: Chris Berkeley, Jay Oliva, Lauren Montgomery
MPAA Rating: PG for sci-fi action violence throughout, and for some language
Running Time: 84
Date: 04/09/2011

Green Lantern: Emerald Knights (2011)

3 Stars (out of 4)

Rays of Light

By Jeffrey M. Anderson

At first, Green Lantern: Emerald Knights suffers from too many characters and not enough character development; even the main hero, Hal Jordan, the Green Lantern from Earth, only appears for a fraction of the entire running time. Likewise, most of the early episodes seem to be about fighting, which is violent, and -- in an effort to avoid too much gore -- repetitive. But as the movie goes on, the individual stories become more thoughtful and entertaining.

Upon hearing about an impending attack by the giant Krona, the Guardians of the Universe begin evacuating their home planet. The Green Lantern of Earth (voiced by Nathan Fillion) is mentoring a young recruit, Arisia (voiced by Elisabeth Moss), and takes the opportunity to tell her several stories of other members of the Green Lantern Corps. Green Lantern Laira (voiced by Kelly Hu) must face her warlord father, a cosmic bully tries to find and fight the most fearsome Green Lantern of all, Mogo, and Sinestro (voiced by Jason Isaacs) and Abin Sur (voiced by Arnold Vosloo) have a disagreement about destiny. Can Arisia learn enough from these stories to help with the current situation?

The highlight is the tale of "Bolphunga the Unrelenting" and his search for Mogo. Eventually, the stories begin to rely on simple, clever solutions rather than violent ones. Even the characters begin to emerge as comrades and partners; their teamwork becomes the focus. Working with at least eight writers, three different directors manage to instill the movie with a cohesive look and impressive style.

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