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With: Odette Yustman, Gary Oldman, Meagan Good, Cam Gigandet, Idris Elba, Jane Alexander, Atticus Shaffer, James Remar, Carla Gugino, C.S. Lee, Rhys Coiro, Michael Sassone, Ethan Cutkosky, Craig J. Harris, Rachel Brosnahan
Written by: David S. Goyer
Directed by: David S. Goyer
MPAA Rating: PG-13 for intense sequences of violence and terror, disturbing images, thematic material and language including some sexual references
Running Time: 87
Date: 01/09/2009

The Unborn (2009)

2 1/2 Stars (out of 4)

Oh, Brother

By Jeffrey M. Anderson

David S. Goyer's new horror mishmash about dead twins, creepy kids, Nazi experiments, haunted mirrors, colored eyeballs, bugs, hallucinations and exorcisms at least gets some points for not being a remake. It has a few really interesting ideas in it and a few good, old-fashioned scares (and very little camera shaking), but I wish that Goyer had given has final draft to another writer to tighten up, and then passed it on to a much better director. The very pretty Odette Yustman stars as Casey, the girl tormented by her dead twin brother (or is it really her dead uncle, or is it an evil demon from beyond time?), with the scene-stealing Meagan Good (One Missed Call, Brick), Gary Oldman as a rabbi, pretty boy Cam Gigandet as a sensitive boyfriend and Carla Gugino in flashback as Casey's dead mom.

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