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With: Pierce Brosnan, Halle Berry, Toby Stephens, Rosamund Pike, Rick Yune, Judi Dench, John Cleese, Michael Madsen
Written by: Neal Purvis, Robert Wade
Directed by: Lee Tamahori
MPAA Rating: PG-13 for action violence and sexuality
Running Time: 133
Date: 11/18/2002

Die Another Day (2002)

3 Stars (out of 4)

The Bond Between

By Jeffrey M. Anderson

Looking at Die Another Day (2002) for a third time at home in the new 2-disc special edition, it reveals itself to be one of the sturdier and darker of James Bond films. That the movie shows James (Pierce Brosnan) enduring months of torture during the opening Madonna song already indicates new life in the old series. Eventually it does downshift into the old formula, which can be disappointing the first time around. But subsequent viewings get better and better as James fights an evil British thrill-seeker (Toby Stephens) with the help of sexy Jinx (Halle Berry). MGM/UA has released Die Another Day in a two-disc set. Director Lee Tamahori (Once Were Warriors) provides a commentary track, as does Brosnan and sexy Bond girl #2 Rosamund Pike. The second disc contains lots of technical featurettes, the full Madonna video and other stuff.

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