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With: Joseph Culp, Robert Culp, Kathleen Luong, Redmond Gleeson, Daniel Franklin, James Evans, Harold Cannon, Casper Andreas, James Quill, Susan Rich, Bruce Solomon
Written by: Maria Giese, based on a novel by Knut Hamsun
Directed by: Maria Giese
MPAA Rating: Not Rated
Running Time: 82
Date: 01/13/2001

Hunger (2001)

3 1/2 Stars (out of 4)

The Emptiness of Existence

By Jeffrey M. Anderson

Based on the 1890 novel by Knut Hamsun but updated for the 21st century, Maria Geise's Hunger is a shot-on-video wonder. The movie follows an out-of-work genius screenwriter named Charlie (remarkably played by Joseph Culp) around the streets of L.A. Unable to pay his rent or even buy food, he learns the life of a homeless man, whose hopes weigh on both the sale of his latest screenplay and the smile of a lovely mystery woman (Kathleen Luong) who keeps popping up. Charlie's odyssey becomes increasingly existential as he grows hungrier and contemplates fate and the existence of God. Culp's father Robert ("Columbo") also appears as a studio head called "The Chief." Geise's lovely pacing and Culp's agreeable performance make this one a champion.

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