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Affiliate Trouble

By Jeffrey M. Anderson

In July of 2011, California passed a law requiring online retailers to pay sales tax in the state. Rather than bending to the new law, Amazon and Movies Unlimited (among others) simply canceled their affiliates plan in California. So now I have thousands of links to both Amazon and Movies Unlimited that will no longer pay me any royalties, and I do not have the time and manpower to manually go in and change these links anytime soon. I will be changing them slowly, over time, and in the meantime, I have switched to two new retailers that do accept business in California: Barnes & Noble and If my loyal readers decide to buy something while browsing Combustible Celluloid, I ask that you not support those former business and simply click on the Barnes & Noble and links located on the left in the sidebar. I don't make much money in this gig, and I very much appreciate all the support I can get. Thanks for your time and help.

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