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Written by:
Directed by: Michael Almereyda
MPAA Rating:
Running Time: 93
Date: 05/31/1989

Twister (1989)

2 1/2 Stars (out of 4)

Harry Dean Stanton, Suzy Amis and Crispin Glover star in this would-be cult film as demented members of the wealthy and odd Cleveland family, who struggle with a tornado and the mysteries of the opposite sex. Dylan McDermott plays Amis' ex-husband who tries to get back together with her, while the lovely Jenny Wright plays Glover's possible girlfriend, listening intently to his tortured electronic "music." William S. Burroughs appears in a cameo , shooting his beloved guns at the broad side of a barn. The underrated indie filmmaker Michael Almereyda ("Hamlet") directed, from Mary Robinson's novel "Oh." Unfortunately, Artisan presents the film in a very bad full-screen DVD transfer with no extras.
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