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Cartoon Network: Halloween - 9 Creepy Cartoon Capers (2004)

3 Stars (out of 4)

Full Toon Fever

By Jeffrey M. Anderson

Buy Cartoon Network: Halloween 9 Creepy Cartoon Capers on DVD.

Warner Home Video and the Cartoon Network present this Halloween-ish DVD full of semi-scary 'toons for kids of all ages. The disc comes with nine cartoons from eight Cartoon Network series, plus previews.

An episode of "The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy," "Billy & Mandy's Jacked Up Halloween," is the most Halloween-centric of the bunch. Billy, Mandy and the Grim Reaper go trick-or-treating and Billy accidentally wakes up a headless fool who intends to take over the world.

In "Bravo-Dooby-Doo," Johnny Bravo teams up with Scooby-Doo and the gang in the Mystery Machine, featuring many of the original voices. They've got a case to solve, but Johnny is too busy trying to make time with Daphne.

In "Dawn of the Eds," Ed, Edd N Eddy spy a poster for an adults-only robot movie, and so they decide to make up their own robot adventure in a spooky junkyard.

"The Powerpuff Girls" represent the best of the bunch. In "Boogie Frights," the Boogieman and all the creatures of the dark figure out a way to block out the sun so they can party all day long. But the Powerpuff Girls need their sleep!

"Courage the Cowardly Dog" stars in two shorts, battling "The Demon in the Mattress" and "Courage Meets Bigfoot."

"Dexter's Laboratory" takes on "Picture Day" as Dexter tries to find a way to look handsome for his class picture.

The "Cow and Chicken" episode, "Cow With Four Eyes," isn't really scary at all, and has to do with Cow getting glasses and suddenly turning smarter. Chicken decides he'll get glasses, too, but now he can't see.

The disc finishes off with an "I AM Weasel" episode, "I.M. Vampire," in which they play vampires battling a vampire hunter.

Date: October 29, 2004
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